1 Installing Eloquence

Eloquence documentation

Eloquence no longer includes printed documentation by default (it is available as a separate option). Instead all documentation is available on-line in different formats.

You can view or print the documentation using the Acrobat Reader software which is included on the CD-ROM media or available free for almost all platforms on the Adobe web site (http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html).
The Acrobat Reader does also include a plugin for the Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer web browsers so you can use a web browser to view the PDF documentation.
You can use your web browser to read the documentation.
The documentation is included in Postscript format so it can be easily printed on a Postscript printer. To print on a non Poscript printer you can use the Acrobat Reader on Windows to print the PDF documenentation. Otherwise you may use the free ghostscript to convert the Postscript files into a printer specific format.
The PDF documentation provides the manuals in the same format as the printed documentation (its generated from the print files). The HTML documentation provides the same content but has been converted to on-line format. We recommend to install the Eloquence documentation on your web server, so it is available to all users instead of installing it locally on each computer.

Eloquence Installation and Configuration - 29 OCT 2004