1 Installing Eloquence

Eloquence license scheme

In order to use the Eloquence software, you need to provide a license key on each system where you intend to run Eloquence server software on. With Eloquence B.07.00 it is not required to install a license key on each system running Eloquence unless you intend to run Eloquence server software.

When you install Eloquence on a system for the first time, a temporary license key is generated which will expire after 30 days. This option is currently not available on Linux.

In order to request your permanent license key, plase fill out the "Permanent License Request" form included with the software and send it to the address below:

+49 202 2431420
Marxmeier Software AG
Attn. Eloquence Support
Besenbruchstrasse 9
D-42285 Wuppertal
You may also request a license key on-line fro the Eloquence web site. Please refer to the URL


After you received your permanent license key, you must add it to your license file in order to activate it. The location of the Eloquence license file depends on operating system revision:

The license file is a plain text file which contains all licences which apply to the Eloquence product. The utility /opt/eloquence6/etc/chklic may be used to check the licence file.

Example license file contents

ELOQ B.07.00 base 0-0-0 0-0-0 0 1 19eb2b9d3e23517f261e2f56cd4ea5e2
ELOQ B.07.00 hp3k 0-0-0 0-0-0 0 2 0ce6387e66337bace426a097fd472c31

Please refer to /opt/eloquence6/newconfig/config/license for a detailed description of the license file format.

Eloquence Personal Edition License

The Eloquence "Personal Edition" provides a free, perpetual license for personal or evaluation usage. It is limited to two users and a maximum database size of 50MB.

This is different from a temporary license key, as the Eloquence "Personal Edition" does not expire and can be used on any number of systems.

The Eloquence Personal Edition Software is subject to the Eloquence license agreement and comes "AS IS" with NO WARRANTY whatsoever. Be sure to read and agree to the license BEFORE you use the software.

Please note, that there is no formal support for the Eloquence "Personal Edition". Support is only available through the Internet.

The license key for the Eloquence Personal Edition license is installed by default. It is also included in the license template file (/opt/eloquence6/newconfig/config/license on HP-UX and Linux or license.sam on Windows).

Eloquence Installation and Configuration - 29 OCT 2004