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Eloquence B.07.10 Release Notes


Welcome to the Eloquence B.07.10 release

Eloquence B.07.10 improves database performance and reliability and adds new functionality such as enhanced security options, auditing and bulk import.

For users of the TurboIMAGE compatibility option an improved QUERY3K utility is available as a replacement for MPE QUERY/iX on all platforms.

The Eloquence language implements some minor enhancements and adds the Net.DLL and Odbc.DLL for all platforms.

On the Windows platform the eloqcgi web integration utility is now integrated, the Eloquence IDE and the RUNSRV32.EXE components have been enhanced and a new installation program is provided.

Use of Eloquence B.07.10 is subject to the Marxmeier Software AG Software License. Downloading and installing the software implies agreeing to the license terms and conditions.

The previous Eloquence B.07.00 release notes are provided in a separate document.

Eloquence B.07.10 includes the following major changes:

Database Enhancements

Bulk import
Add support for bulk import, improving data migration performance and retaining chain order for all paths.

Auditing database changes
Add support for auditing database changes. The forward log format was enhanced to hold additional information on sessions, previous record images and record structures to allow auditing database changes.

Client side caching
The database client library was enhanced to support bulk fetching and caching of result records.

Indexing enhancements
The builtin indexing functions were enhanced:
  • Allow up to 8 index segments (previous limit was 7)
  • Allow to avoid writing index entries for default values (eg. empty items)
  • Add offset into item for index segment

Database security enhancements
Security enhancements include the following:
  • Add support to lockout users after repeated login failures
  • Add support to selectively restrict/enable by ip address access from remote systems
  • No longer return encoded password to unprivileged users
  • allow user to change own password

Other database server enhancements
  • Remove 2 GB limit from volume files
  • Allow limiting the DBLOCK requests for an application
  • Modified configuration defaults
  • Performance, administrative and TurboIMAGE compatibility enhancements
  • Collect server statistics

Database utility changes
Detailed list of changes for each database utility.

TurboIMAGE compatibility

QUERY3K utility
The Eloquence QUERY3K utility is compatible to MPE QUERY/iX and now available for all platforms.

Database library enhancements
The TurboIMAGE compatibility library and the Eloquence database library have been functionally enhanced.

TurboIMAGE database migration
The Eloquence TurboIMAGE database migration utility was enhanced. This document explains the options to move a TurboIMAGE database to Eloquence along with some potential issues.


Language changes
Detailed list of changes related to the Eloquence programming language.

Eloquence Net.DLL
The new Net.DLL allows Eloquence programs to interface with networked servers or devices.

Eloquence Odbc.DLL
With the new Odbc.DLL, foreign SQL databases can be integrated into Eloquence programs.

Windows platform changes
Changes related to the Windows platform apply to:

License keys

Eloquence B.07.10 requires a license key version B.07.10 or above. For a new Eloquence installation or when upgrading from a previous Eloquence version a new license key must be obtained to use the Eloquence server components.

Please request a permanent license key using the form included with the delivery or use the license request form on the Eloquence web site to request a permanent or temporary license key.

On the HP-UX and Windows platforms a temporary license key can be optionally created during installation if Eloquence is installed for the first time on that system.

Supported platforms

Eloquence B.07.10 is supported on the following platforms and operating systems:

HP-UX 11.11, PA-RISC
HP-UX 11.23, PA-RISC and IA64

Linux 2.4 or 2.6 kernel on x86
glibc versions 2.2 or 2.3

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003

Please note:

  • The HP-UX 10.20, 11.0 and 11.22 operating systems and Linux glibc2.0 or glibc2.1 based systems are no longer supported with this release.

  • Archive libraries for the database client libraries (for static linking) are no longer available.

Recent Changes

A list of recent changes is maintained in the Recent Changes document.


For HP-UX, Eloquence B.07.10 is distributed as a compressed depot file (that is installed with swinstall after uncompressing). For Linux a rpm archive is available. For Windows, an installation program is provided.

HTTP download:

FTP download:

Upon installation a previous Eloquence version is replaced.

On Windows, please download and execute the installation program. During installation, administrator privileges are required.

On Linux, please download the .rpm archive and install it with the rpm command.

On HP-UX please download the distribution archive and place it in a temporary directory. The archive file is compressed (gzip) and needs to be uncompressed before installation.

Please logon as root.

gunzip Eloquence-B0710-10-pa20.depot.gz
This creates the Eloquence-B0710-10-pa20.depot file and removes the compressed archive file. Please run swinstall to install or update Eloquence.
swinstall -s /tmp/Eloquence-B0710-10-pa20.depot \*


You should use the usual OS procedure to install or remove software.

Configuration Changes

When updating from previous Eloquence releases the following configuration changes may need to be considered:

  • Some database configuration defaults have changed. On the HP-UX and Linux platform, the EnableIPC configuration item now defaults to 2 (enabled).

  • The database server by default refuses access from remote systems (IP addresses other than Access from other IP addresses requires to be enabled in the database server configuration file. The following entry may be used to restore the previous behavior.
    allow = all

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