EQ Eloquence B.07.10 Release Notes
Overview / Windows Platform Changes

Windows Platform Changes

This document lists the Eloquence B.07.10 changes related to the Windows platform.


Installation program

The Eloquence installation program for the Windows platform now contains all software components in a single executable. This simplifies downloading the software and helps to eliminate problems during installation. It is still possible to select which components should be installed.

If you have configured additional eloqdb6 server instances they are now completely retained, including their Startup Type. After installation your additional eloqdb6 server instances are ready to use and can be started from the Service Control Panel.


The Windows default printer may now be configured in the eloq.config configuration file.

In the example below, PRINTER 0 is assigned the Windows default printer:


The Windows default printer is dynamically queried. Therefore, if the Windows default printer is changed while an Eloquence program is running, the new default printer is used the next time the printer is opened with the PRINTER IS statement.

Eloquence IDE

The Variables toolwindow now orders the list of variables by name.

The editor windows now support mouse wheel scrolling. When holding the SHIFT key while using the mouse wheel, scolling is accelerated by factor 10.

Using Ctrl+Tab to switch between windows in the IDE workspace now works when a File Open window is open.

The integrated dialog editor of the Eloquence IDE now supports the new JDLG attributes .fgcolor and .bgcolor. The previous change to the .fgc and .bgc attributes has been reverted so that .fgc and .bgc again require an integer value (as in the original implementation). To provide string color values in JDLG .fgcolor and .bgcolor should be used.

In case this implementation causes problems with particular DLG files it is possible to fallback to the original implementation of the dialog editor as below:

  1. Exit the Eloquence IDE
  2. Open the Eloquence lib installation subdirectory in the Windows explorer (for example C:\Program Files\Eloquence\lib)
  3. Rename the file ide-adlg.cfg to ide-adlg-gui.cfg
  4. Rename the file ide-adlg-old.cfg to ide-adlg.cfg
  5. Please report any problems to support@marxmeier.com. Thank you.

Eloquence CGI

The Eloquence eloqcgi web integration utility is now available for the Windows platform. It is installed in the Eloquence lbin subdirectory (for example: C:\Program Files\Eloquence\lbin\eloq.cgi).

The eloqcgi documentation has been updated accordingly.


The following changes apply to the RUNSRV32.EXE component on Windows:

eloqsd service

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