EQ Eloquence B.07.10 Release Notes - Database
Overview / Server statistics

Server statistics

The database server was enhanced to report internal usage values. When enabled, the database server writes some internal usage statistics values to a text file every minute.

To enable reporting of usage statistics the new StatFile configuration item must be defined in the section [Server] and defines the output filename. The target file must be writable for the eloqdb6 process.

 StatFile = /tmp/eloqdb6_3.status

This will cause the file /tmp/eloqdb6_3.status to be written every 60 seconds. The interval is currently not configurable. If the output file does not exist, it is created by the server process. If the output file exists, it is reset to zero size by the server before updating the content.

The output file is similar as below:

 timestamp: 1119932386
 server_load_perc: 0
 client_request_sec: 0
 transaction_commit_sec: 0
 disk_read_request_sec: 0
 disk_write_request_sec: 0
 disk_sync_request_sec: 0
 server_session_cnt: 0

The following values are defined:

Time when entry was written (in seconds)

Server usage in percent.

Number of client requests per second

Number of committed transactions per second

Number of disk read requests per second

Number of disk write requests per second

Number of disk sync requests per second

Number of concurrent client connections

The values are average values over the last 60 seconds.

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