EQ Eloquence B.07.10 Release Notes - Database
Overview / Miscellaneous Server Changes

Miscellaneous Server Changes


Allow limiting the DBLOCK requests for an application

The database server was enhanced to allow limiting the number of DBLOCK requests by an application.

The new [config] SessionLockLimit configuration item was added:

This specifies the number of simultanous DBLOCK requests by an application for a specific database server. If set to zero, an unlimited number is supported. The default limit is 1000.
For example:
  SessionLockLimit = 1000
This option is intended to allow limiting the impact of an application defect, possibly issuing hundreds of thousand DBLOCK requests.

Note: Previous versions of this document had two mistakes:

Remove 2 GB limit on volume files

The 2 GB limit on volume files was removed. As of Eloquence B.07.10 volume files up to 128 GB are supported, subject to operating system and file system limitations.

The server and utilities were modified to no longer apply a hard coded limit but use a configurable limit.

The size limit on volume files is now configurable in the server config file. It defaults to the previous limit.

The new [config] VolumeFileSizeLimit configuration item was added:

This value specifies the max. volume size in MB. The value cannot exceed 128 GB (131072 MB). In addition the following values are supported.

The default value is -1 to enable full backwards compatibility.

For example:
  VolumeFileSizeLimit = 4000
This specifies a size limit of 4000 MB for a volume files.

List users that opened a database

The dbctl list command was enhanced to list users that opened a specific database.


dbctl list dbopen [/notitle] database
The database argument specifies the database name. If the /notitle option is present the header is not output.
Currently, the output includes the associated thread id, the ip address, the DBOPEN mode, the os user and database login and process information (in a separate line).

For example:

$ dbctl list dbopen sample
TID  IP ADDR              M   User / Login
---- -------------------- --- -----------------------------
   9      1   mike / public
  10      9   root / public

Note: If the same database has been opened multiple times in the same session using different modes, only the first DBOPEN mode is displayed.

Modified server config defaults

The default values for some config items were modified to more practical values. The following configuration items are affected:

This configuration item specifies the server cache size (in MB). The default was changed to 64 (previous default was 5 MB)

This configuration item specifies the size limit of the trancaction journal (which resides in the transaction log volume). Once this limit is reached, a checkpoint operation is scheduled and a new journal is started. This value depends on the operating system memory and disk i/o system. The default size of the transaction journal was changed to 25 MB (previous default was 10 MB)

Previously, size based checkpointing could be disabled by setting CheckPtSize to zero. This has been changed because disabling size based checkpointing could in some cases have undesired effects and has no noticeable benefits. Instead of disabling size based checkpointing a zero value will now use the default size (25 MB).

When enabled, the server uses shared memory to communicate with clients. The default was changed to EnableIPC=2 (previous default was EnableIPC=0).

Performance enhancements

Administrative enhancements

TurboIMAGE compatibility enhancements

Miscellaneous changes

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