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sfagen utility

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  The sfagen utility may be used to create a SFA file from a program file. SFA files are used to hold program profiler measurements.


Usage: sfagen [-v] [-2|-3|-4] progfile [ ... ]
A file with extension .SFA is created for each program file. If an SFA file already exists, it will be overwritten. This way SFA files which already hold data can be reset. This is required to reset values after a program modification.

The options are:

The -help option displays a brief help text.

List the program file names. If specified twice (-vv) additional technical information on the program file is printed (such as program file version and options).

-2 -3 -4
Create SFA file with this version. The default is SFA version 3 (v2: A.06.00, v3: B.08.00, v4: B.08.20).


  • A File extension of .PROG is implied and is appended if not present.


sfagen AC* YSUBR

See also

sfarpt utility
Language manual, chapter 15 "Statement Flow Analyzer"

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