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dbvoldump utility

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  The dbvoldump utility may be used to display volume file information.


usage: dbvoldump [options]
 -c cfg     - configuration file name
 -S         - output summary about total DATA space
 -d flags   - debug flags

The options below are intended for use by product support only:
 -vp        - output volume parameters
 -vn        - output node directory
 -f file    - specify single volume file name
The options are:
The -help option displays a brief help text.

-c cfg
The -c option specifies the eloqdb server configuration file name. If not specified, the default configuration file name depends on OS platform and Eloquence version.

The -S option displays additional summary info about total DATA volume space.

-d flags
The -d option specifies debug flags and is normally not used.

The -vp option displays internal volume parameters (used by product support).

The -vn option displays internal node directory info (used by product support).

-f file
The -f option specifies a single volume file name for options -vp or -vn.


  • Periodically monitoring dbvoldump -S as well as file system free space helps to prevent database server crashes caused by running out of space inside the volume files or during an automatic volume expansion.

  • The dbvoldump -S results are based on the VolumeFileSizeLimit in the eloqdb server config file; they may be incorrect when the limit of the running server has been changed with the "dbctl volume limit" command.


The following example displays volume information. The option -S shows summary information on available disk space in the data volumes.
$ dbvoldump -c eloqdb.cfg -S

ELOQUENCE DBVOLDUMP (C) Copyright 2013 Marxmeier Software AG (B.08.20)

ID  Type Path
1   DATA /var/opt/eloquence/db/db01.vol
2   LOG  /var/opt/eloquence/db/db02.vol
3   DATA /var/opt/eloquence/db/db03.vol
4   DATA /var/opt/eloquence/db/db04.vol

ID  Type  Cur.Sz  Ext.Sz  Max.Sz    Free    Used
1   DATA  2048.0     1.0     0.0     0.0  2048.0
2   LOG    144.5     1.0     0.0   144.3     0.2
3   DATA  2048.0     1.0     0.0     1.6  2046.4
4   DATA   738.5     1.0     0.0   593.6   144.9

Total space over all DATA volumes
 when volumes are extended to max. size:  6144.0 MB
 currently allocated disk space        :  4834.5 MB (78.7%)
 allocated but currently unused        :   595.2 MB (9.7%)
 available until max. size is reached  :  1904.7 MB (31.0%)

See also

dbvolcreate, dbvolextend, dbvolchange, dbctl volume.

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