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dbcreate utility

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  The dbcreate utility is used to create a database after defining its schema with the schema or dbschema utilities. Before Eloquence B.08.20, the schema processor only saved the meta information in the database server catalog and did not allocate any resources for the dataset storage, so dbcreate was a separate step.


usage: dbcreate [options] database
 -help   - show usage (this list)
 -u user - set user name
 -p pswd - set password
 -d flgs - debug flags

The options are:
The -help option displays a brief help text.

-u user
The -u option specifies the database user (or a file holding the database user and/or password). Defaults to the dba user unless a default user is specified with the EQ_DBUSER environment variable.

-p password
The -p option may be used to specify the password for the database user (or a file holding the password). If not specified, the password is obtained using the EQ_DBUSER and/or EQ_DBPASSWORD environment variables.

-d flags
The -d option specifies debug flags and is normally not used.


  • As of Eloquence B.08.20 the dbcreate step is no longer required. A successful run of schema or dbschema also performs the corresponding resource allocation.


dbcreate MyDB

See also

schema, dbschema, dberase, dbpurge.

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