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convrt utility

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  The convrt utility may be used to convert DATA files from the Eloquence format into text files.


usage: convrt [options] file [file ...]
 -v = verbose
 -s = write to stdout
The resulting file is assigned the same name as the DATA file plus the extension '.txt' in the current directory. If the file already has an extension, it will be replaced by .txt. Any files without a .DATA extension are silently ignored.

The options are:

The -help option displays a brief help text.

List files being processed (to stderr).

Write to stdout.


Eloquence DATA files are binary files with a record length and record/field types. The convrt utility may be used to convert them into text files. The conversion process will stop once non-text data is encountered.


The example below will convert the files dbmap1.DATA and dbmap2.DATA into text files:
convrt -v dbmap*.DATA

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