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Eloquence B.08.00 Patches

  Eloquence version B.08.00 was released in December 2008. Please refer to the B.08.00 release notes for more information.

Patches for the Eloquence B.08.00 release provide defect fixes and may also add improved functionality and performance.

Eloquence patch bundles combine the recommended patches for various Eloquence product components in a single archive and simplify installation and product maintenance.

Patch Bundles

The current patch bundle is PE80-B130527
This patch bundle supersedes the previous patch bundle PE80-B100211.

User visible changes relative to the original B.08.00 release are documented in the patch bundle B130527 release notes and the patch bundle B100211 release notes

Patch bundles are available for download from the Eloquence web site in the respective subdirectory

As an alternative you may access the Eloquence FTP server at

For a list of patches included in the patch bundle, please refer to the document below:

NOTE: Installing a patch bundle will overwrite any conflicting files that were installed by a superseding patch. Any newer patches must be re-installed after installing the patch bundle.

Patch Overview

There are no patches beyond the patch bundle for Eloquence B.08.00 at this time.


Patch download

The Patches are available for download using the HTTP protocol from the location http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/download/B0800/patch/ or using the FTP protocol from the location ftp://ftp.marxmeier.com/eloq/B0800/patch/.

Patches currently in beta test are available for download by HTTP at http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/download/B0800/patch/beta/ and FTP at ftp://ftp.marxmeier.com/eloq/B0800/patch/beta/. As the name suggests, these patches are believed to be correct (and were tested) but are currently not released. However they may just fix your problem. Any feedback is appreciated (feedback@marxmeier.com).

Superseded patches are typically available from the superseded subdirectory.

Please refer to the HP-UX patches document for a list of recommended HP-UX patches.

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