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Changes from patch bundle B090130 to B100209

  This document provides a list of enhancements and user visible changes in Eloquence patch bundle PE71-B100209, relative to the previous patch bundle PE71-B090130.


database server

  • The "dbctl forwardlog status" command no longer requires dba privileges.

  • When a dbutil ADD ITEM data set clause is used to add an item of type P (packed) to a data set, the subsequent restructuring process now initializes this new P item to unsigned zero. Previously, a new P item was initialized to binary zero.

  • The "dbctl list session" command no longer hides the own dbctl session.

  • Improved database compatibility checks on DBOPEN have been implemented to prevent opening incompatible databases from newer Eloquence versions.

dbfsck utility

  • The dbfsck memory consumption has been significantly reduced. This causes a noticable improvement of the pass 1 runtime and allows to use dbfsck on large database environments.

  • Progress information has been added which is output when the -v command line option is specified. If enabled, progress info is output every minute to stdout.

    The command line example below redirects dbfsck messages to a log file while progress info is output to the terminal:

    $ dbfsck -v 2>dbfsck.log
    Example progress message output:
    Processed 222437 of 556094 pages (40%)
    Progress information output is suppressed if pass 1 is skipped.

dbrepl utility

  • The dbrepl utility now issues an additional exit code 3 in case a connection problem is detected, for example if the replication slave server is temporarily unavailable.

    The exit codes issued by dbrepl are:

      0 - successful execution, graceful exit
          (will only be issued if the -S or -G command line option is
          used and dbrepl executed normally until the existing log or
          the current generation has been processed) 
      1 - failure, typically requires manual intervention
          (for example, a configuration problem on the replication
          master or slave servers)
      2 - invalid or -help command line option
          (the command line usage was output)
      3 - connection problem
          (could not connect or lost the connection to the replication
          slave server)
    Exit code 3 may be used in a script to retry the dbrepl invocation. Preferably, repeated invocations should be appropriately delayed, for example by sleeping 60 seconds between two invocations.

  • The dbrepl utility could not easily be used through a SSH tunnel because the underlying Eloquence database client library would always establish an IPC connection to the database server whenever the localhost address is used.

    However, since an IPC connection uses shared memory to communicate with the database server, it would not work through a SSH tunnel.

    To solve this, the EQ_DBENABLEIPC environment variable may be set to zero (EQ_DBENABLEIPC=0), which will enforce a TCP network connection even if the localhost address is used.

  • If the -v command line option is specified, this now implies the log flag R1. Therefore it is no longer necessary to use the -d command line option in addition to -v to set the R1 log flag.

fwaudit utility

  • When processing an audit file, any comment records are now output to stderr.

    Audit comment records are used to record any problems that may have occurred while the original forward-log was processed. When an archived audit file is later used with fwaudit, these comment record messages are now output to stderr. Previously they were output to stdout along with the clear-text report.

    In addition, the warning messages written to comment records have been revised so that they now clearly indicate that they were created while the original forward-log was processed.

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