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Eloquence B.07.00 Release Notes


HP-UX Platform Installation Notes

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Supported HP-UX releases

Eloquence is available for the PA-RISC and Itanium architecture:
  • For PA-RISC, Eloquence is supported on the HP-UX Operating System version B.10.20 to B.11.11 (HP-UX 11i). HP-UX version B.10.30 is not supported. We recommand to use HP-UX 11i for new installations.
    Future versions of Eloquence will no longer support HP-UX versions before HP-UX 11.00. We recommend to update your system to HP-UX release 11.00 or above.

  • For Itanium based systems, HP-UX 11i version 1.6 (HP-UX 11.22) or above is required.

Previous HP Eloquence versions

Eloquence B.07.00 can not be installed in parallel with any previous HP Eloquence A.06.xx release. During installation, a previous HP Eloquence A.06.xx product (B1368B-A0600) is uninstalled automatically, any configuration files are retained.

Eloquence B.07.00 is installed in the /opt/eloquence6 directory and can be installed in parallel with a previous HP Eloquence A.05.20 release.

License keys

Eloquence B.07.00 requires a license key version B.07.00 or above. For a new Eloquence installation or when upgrading from a previous Eloquence version a new license key must be obtained to use the Eloquence server components.

Please request a permanent license key using the form included with the delivery or refer to the Eloquence web site at URL http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/license.

During installation, you have the option to create a temporary license key which is valid for four weeks.

The default license file includes a new license key for the Eloquence Personal Edition.

Changes to previous versions

The following changes are present with Eloquence B.07.00:
  • HP-UX versions before HP-UX 10.20 are no longer supported

  • New startup/shutdown script and configuration file (fully compatible to Eloquence B.06.32, backards compatible to HP Eloquence).

  • The eloqdb5 server (connector to Eloquence A.05.xx databases) is no longer supported.

  • The Eloquence HP260 migration tools are no longer included. As an exception, the convrt utility is now present in the Eloquence bin directory. If necessary, the B.06.32 version of the HP260 migration tools can be installed.

  • On HP-UX, Eloquence libraries are no longer present in the Eloquence lib directory. A subdirectory has been introduced which separates different library versions.

    The following conventions apply:
    pa11_32 PA-RISC 1.1 compatible libraries (32 bit)
    pa20_32 PA-RISC 2.0 libraries (32 bit)
    pa20_64 PA-RISC 2.0 libraries (64 bit)
    hpux32 IA64 32 bit libraries (Itanium)
    hpux64 IA64 64 bit libraries (Itanium)
    Please note that these library versions may not be available, depending on the installed version.

HP-UX patches

The following HP-UX patches are required for Eloquence on HP-UX. These patches are included on the Eloquence media (in the hpux subdirectory). In addition to the patches mentioned below it is strongly recommended to install the current HP-UX patch set.

HP-UX patches can be obtained from the HP ITRC:

In addition, HP-UX patches are available for download by anonymous ftp from the HP ITRC ftp server at:
Patch PHKL_23995
For HP-UX 11i (HP-UX 11.11) installation of patch PHKL_23995 is suggested. Please refer to the patch documentation PHKL_23995.txt for more information.

Patch PHKL_23995 is available for download

Patch PHKL_24005
For HP-UX 11.0 installation of patch PHKL_24005 is required. Please refer to the patch documentation PHKL_24005.txt for more information.

Please note that patch PHKL_24005 has dependencies not avaialable for download from this site (PHKL_18543 at this time). Please refer to the patch description and the HP ITRC web site for more information and to obtain any related patches.

Patch PHKL_24005 is available for download

Patch PHCO_10947
For HP-UX 10.20 installation of patch PHCO_10947 is required. Please refer to the patch documentation PHCO_10947.txt for more information.

Patch PHCO_10947 is available for download


Eloquence is available as a depot package and is installed with swinstall. If you encounter a problem during installation, please send us a notice at support@marxmeier.com.

Please check the Eloquence web site for updates and patches.

Different versions of the Eloquence software is available. Please choose the appropriate version which corresponds with your hardware:

  • Eloquence-B0700-1.depot.gz
    Eloquence depot file (PA-RISC 1.1 and above)

  • Eloquence-B0700-1-pa20.depot.gz
    Eloquence depot file (PA-RISC 2.0)
    This build requires a PA-RISC 2.0 system (PA-RISC 8xxx CPU)

  • Eloquence-B0700-1-ia64.depot.gz
    Eloquence depot file for the IA-64 platform (Itanium2, HP-UX 11.22)
    This build requires an Itanium system and HP-UX 11i version 1.6 or above

Eloquence installation files downloaded from the Eloquence ftp server are compressed with gzip and must be uncompressed before installation.

As "superuser," follow the steps below to install the Eloquence software.

  1. Unpack the archive at a temporary location
       gzip -d Eloquence-B0700-1.depot.gz
    This uncompresses the depot file Eloquence-B0700-1.depot.gz to Eloquence-B0700-1.depot. The compressed archive file is deleted.

  2. Run "swinstall" by typing:
       /usr/sbin/swinstall -s /tmp/Eloquence-B0700-1.depot
    where /tmp/Eloquence-B0700-1.depot is the absolute path of the Eloquence-B0700-1.depot file.

  3. In the Software Selection Window, select/highlight the product options you would like to install then choose the "Mark for Install" item from the Actions Menu. The "Marked?" column will automatically be set to "Yes".

    By default, swinstall should display the "top" level options ("Bundles and Products"). The following options are available:

    Installs the base product
    Installs the base product and a temporary license key which is valid for a period of four weeks. Please note that a temporary license key can only be installed once per system
    Installs all components (including temporary license key)

    Alterntively, the "View - Change Software View - Start with Products" menu option selects the "Products" view in swinstall which allows to select single Eloquence product options.

    The Eloquence product supports the following options:

    The Eloquence base product
    Install a temporary license key
    Installs the Eloquence documentation in HTML format. This option is only available for the depot file on the CD-ROM media. When obtaining Eloquence by download, the HTML documentation is available as a separate tar archive.
    Installs the Eloquence documentation as PDF format. This option is only available for the depot file on the CD-ROM media. When obtaining Eloquence by download, the PDF documentation is available as a separate tar archive.

  4. Select the "Install (analysis...)" item from the Actions Menu. When the analysis is finished with no error, i.e. Status:Ready, choose OK.

  5. Choose Yes in the Confirmation window to begin the actual installation process.

    When the installation is completed, a dialog is displayed to notify you that the install task is completed. You may exit then.

Note: during installation a warning message like below will be present if the HP Eloquence A.06.xx product is currently installed. This warning does not indicate a problem but is a notification that you are about to replace the HP Eloquence product with Eloquence.

WARNING: HP Eloquence (B1368B-A0600) is installed; it will be removed
         Installing Eloquence will remove any previous HP Eloquence
         product. Eloquence uses a different product number and
         conflicts with an installed HP Eloquence A.06.xx product.

To update an existing Eloquence installation, please shut down Eloquence using the command below:

/sbin/init.d/eloq6 stop
After the update has finished Eloquence can be started with the command below:
/sbin/init.d/eloq6 start
Automatic startup of Eloquence servers during boot is only configured in the /etc/rc.config.d/eloquence6 configuration file.

Updating from a previous Eloquence version

When updating from a previous Eloquence A.06.xx release the following actions should be performed in addition to updating the software.

License key

If you are using a commercial Eloquence version, please request your new B.07.00 license key before updating Eloquence. As an alternative you have the option to install a temporary license key during installation which is valid for a period of four weeks.

A new license key can be requested by either submitting the form enclosed with your software update or on-line at the Eloquence web site: http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/license.

Please comment out the previous license key when adding the new B.07.00 license key to your license file /etc/opt/eloquence6/license. Otherwise the new license may not be recognized and chklic might output the following messages:

  B.06.32: Bad license key revision.
  Duplicate sequence number: Ignoring license

Eloquence Personal Edition

With the Eloquence Personal Edition, please copy the B.07.00 license file template to /etc/opt/eloquence6/license. The new license file includes an updated license key for the Eloquence Personal Edition.
cp /opt/eloquence6/newconfig/config/license \

Startup configuration

The B.07.00 startup script provides additional configuration options and uses a new startup configuration file template which supports multiple eloqdb6 instances. Previous startup configuration files are compatible. It is recommended to use a new template configuration file and manually change any options.

The startup configuration file is /etc/rc.config.d/eloquence6

To copy the new template configuration file for manual editing please execute the command below:

cp /opt/eloquence6/newconfig/startup/eloquence6 \

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