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  A.06.31 Release Notes
This document covers fixes and enhancements which have been integrated into the Eloquence A.06.31 database utilities.

Contents of this document:

  • A bug has been fixed in the schema processor which could cause unnamed access groups to be ignored (#455).

    The PASSWORDS: sections in the schema is used to define access groups. Each "password" defined in the schema file which provides a name is translated to a data base access group. Access groups without a name get a synthetic name ("Group1") if they are referenced by the data set permissions and are ignored otherwise.

    A bug in the schema processor caused the usage check to not work correctly so unnamed access groups could have been ignored.

    For example:

                1 MANAGER;
                2 ;
    This causes the creation of the access group "MANAGER". A group named "Group2" is created if it is referenced in the data set access permissions.

  • The prschema utility is used to output the schema for an existing database. It was initially included with Eloquence A.06.20 but was never documented.

     usage: /opt/eloquence6/bin/prschema [options] database
      -u user   - set user name
      -p pswd   - set user password
      -d flags  - debug flags

The database schema is printed to stdout.

  • A bug has been fixed in dbimport where it could fail to import a database in restructure mode.

    When dbimport is run in restructure mode (-r command line option) and a data set is specified in the optional restructure description file but the export file does not provide structure information a bug was triggered causing dbimport to either fail with an error message or filling the database with default values.

    dbimport now falls back to default mode (positional match of the fields in the export file rather matching items and fields by name). Since dbimport is then unable to compensate for some structural differences in the data base and import file it is strongly recommended to export in restructure mode.


    • The data sets specified in the restructure file contain default values (space, null or zero) after dbimport
    • DBPUT fails due to duplicate search items

    dbimport could fail to import database in restructure mode.

  • A bug has been fixed which caused the QUERY program to fail with ERROR 18.

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