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Do I need the Windows NT server product


Title: Do I need the Windows NT server product
Document: win_004
Keywords: Windows NT server product,installation,requirement,Workstation

Do I need the Windows NT server product

Windows NT is available in two flavours:
  • Windows NT Workstation
  • Windows NT Server
A Eloquence server may be running on a system with Windows NT Workstation. The Windows NT server software is not required. However Windows NT imposes a license limitation on concurrent access to systems on which Windows NT Workstation is installed: A maximum of ten systems can simultaneously access a Windows NT Workstation system by means of file system mounts or UNC names.

Additionally it may make sense to use the Windows NT domain concept to manage some NT workstations and users consistentially. This requires a Windows NT Server to be present in your network which is configured as domain controller.

Windows 2000

The situation with Windows 2000 is different. As of Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Professional is limited to 10 concurrent connections. For example, if you establish more than 10 connections to the eloqdb6 database server it will stop accepting any more connections even if you close all previous connections. The eloqdb6 must be restarted to recover from this situation.

Thus, Windows 2000 Professional (as of Service Pack 2) is not suited to operate the Eloquence servers, therefore the Windows 2000 server software is required.

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