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Migrate HP260 applications to Windows NT?


Title: Migrate HP260 applications to Windows NT?
Document: win_003
Keywords: Windows NT,HP260,migrate,application

Which changes are required to use HP260 application on Windows NT

Be prepared, that this will not be an easy step since Eloquence on Windows does not support character oriented user interface.

Windows NT (or the Windows platform generally) is dedicated to a graphical user interface and does not support text oriented programs very well. In addition, text oriented programs on Windows are commonly not well accepted on Windows.

Eloquence provides a dialog interface since at least two years (introduced with A.04.00). It has been introduced to provide access to dialog oriented user interface concepts and is available in a text oriented and a graphical version (based on the Dialog Manager runtime) which are compatible in all important points.

Since text oriented programs are commonly not well accepted on the Windows platform, the decision was made that no additional effort was spend to support text oriented programs on Windows. An alternative user interface model is available since some time and is used successfully by a number of VARs. In addition all VARs have been informed early that only the dialog interface will be supported on Windows NT.

Since user expectations are quite different between using dialog and text based programs (for example users expect to be able to use the Mouse to jump between fields on a dialog) this requires the adaption of an application which makes use of dialogs. While it is some effort to adapt your application, it is required to make your application consistent with user expectations. Dialogs are supported in the text oriented environment as well to provide a transition.

You may want to consider porting to Linux instead of Windows NT. Linux runs on the same hardware (Intel or compatible) and does support character based user interface.

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