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IDE can't find online documentation


Title: IDE can't find online documentation
Document: win_001
Keywords: Windows,IDE,online documentation,HTML,vfat,help

The IDE cannot find the online documentation

The installation program fails to install the online documentation on Windows 95. It does not show any error message and silently terminates after a while. However no files are actually installed.

Since the Documentation fileset contains more than 1500 files we assume, this is either a limitation of the installation program or some resource limitation of Windows 95.

We will try to fix this problem until the final release of Eloquence A.06.00. Please note however, that installing the online documentation on a FAT or VFAT filesystem is not recommend since it will take up considerable disc space, depending on cluster size. While the documentation requires less then 5 MB on a UNIX or NTFS filesystem, it may take up to 20 MB on a FAT filesystem.
It is recommend to install the documentation on a WEB server.

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