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How to define a terminal printer


Title: How to define a terminal printer
Document: terminal_printer
Keywords: terminal,terminfo,HP-UX,Linux,UNIX

How to define a terminal printer

Eloquence is able to use a printer attached to the terminal (PRINTER IS 10) if a definition to activate the printer is present in the termio description for the terminal.

The following entries are required:

  # Local printer
  # mc4  = turn off the printer
  # mc5  = turn on the printer
Of course, the ESC sequences depend on the terminal hardware.

If the (long, dexscriptive) terminal name begins with HP, the HP terminal printer protocol is used (2392, 7009x terminal types).

See also: man terminfo or have a look at /opt/eloquence6/share/terminal/70060.ti for an example

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