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HP-UX Internet Resources


Title: HP-UX Internet Resources
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HP-UX Internet Resources

Where do you go on the Internet when you have an issue you want to bounce off other HP-UX users? Here are some HP-specific resources that we regularly participate in. See which ones may be of interest to you.


Explore these Usenet discussion groups that focus on the following HP-related topics:
  • comp.sys.hp.hpux - HP-UX and related topics.
  • comp.sys.hp.hardware - all HP hardware-related topics
  • comp.sys.hp.apps - HP software applications such as OpenView.
  • comp.sys.hp.mpe - HP 3000 and MPE topics.
  • comp.sys.convex - Exemplar and supercomputing-related topics.
Access to Usenet varies from site to site. Contact your local administrator for details. In general, AOL and most Internet service providers supply Usenet feeds, or you can access Usenet at http://www.dejanews.com/.

hpux-sysadmin mail list

The hpux-sysadmin mail list is an invaluable resource for solving problems and answering administration questions. To subscribe, send a message with:
subscribe hpux-admin
in the body to: majordomo@cv.ruu.nl.


Your question about HP-UX may already have been answered on the Internet! HP UX FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), a record of frequently asked HP-UX questions and their answers, is maintained by volunteers on the Internet. You can get a current copy by sending mail to majordomo@cv.ruu.nl, with:
get hpux-admin HP_FAQ

HP-UX Y2K Information

HP customers who are currently using HP-UX 9.0x and earlier versions must plan to upgrade to their choice of HP-UX 10.x for its 2000-readiness and the increased functionality that the 10.x family provides. More information is available here.

For a list of HP-UX 10.x Y2K patches, please refer to this document.
For an overview on Y2K status of various HP products, please refer to HP Y2K Product Status.

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