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Bad keyboard mapping after OS install


Title: Bad keyboard mapping after OS install
Document: keybd
Author: "McGee, Chris" <CMMcGee@Pella.com>
Keywords: keyboard,HP-UX

Bad keyboard mapping after OS install

The following article was posted on the HP-UX admin mailing list. Please refer to hpux-admin for more information on the HP-UX admin list.
Hallo admins-
        This a Better Late Than Never(tm) summary :)
        In February, Jaci Wilson posted about not 
having a | or \ key, and having her @ and " reversed 
after installing HP/UX 11.0 on a 712 workstation, but 
didn't get a fix for it aside from "reinstall and pick
the right keyboard this time".
        Well... this weekend, I did the same thing (ack!). 
Having spent hours downloading and installing 11.0 patches,
I wan't ready to reinstall, so I gritted my teeth and my 
LaserROM. Here's the fix, followed by an explanation:
        The fix:
                -Drop to a text-only session (out of CDE)
                -Delete /etc/kbdlang.
                -Run "/sbin/itemap -iL -w /etc/kbdlang". 
		(pay better attention this time ;) )
                -restart CDE.

        The explanation:
        /etc/bccheckrc is the script that activates LVM, 
runs EISA config, pre-mount fscks file systems, and sets 
the default keymap. At boot time, it loads the keymap you 
selected at install time with a 
/sbin/itemap -i -L -l map_name -w /etc/kbdlang. map_name 
is read from /etc/kbdlang, and must be a valid keyboard 
definition from /etc/X11/XKPKeymaps.
        If you get the wrong keyboard definition, all you 
have to do is ensure that the correct variable gets passwd
to itemap at boot time by replacing /etc/kbdlang with an 
appropriate keyboard name. The safest way to do that is by 
running itemap with an -w /etc/kbdlang flag (so you don't 
put a typo in your /etc/kbdlang).
        Simple problem, but kinda obscure. It's amazing how 
much research effort can be generated by taking away 
somebody's pipe and backslash keys  :)

        Cheers!  Hope this helps someone down the line.

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