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Eloquence ISAM ERRORs (-800 and S(9) >100)


Title: Eloquence ISAM ERRORs (-800 and S(9) >100)
Document: isam_error
Keywords: A0500,Error Codes,database,DBEXPLAIN,status array,ISAM,BTree,-800

Eloquence ISAM ERRORs (-800 and S(9) >100)

If you receive a database status -800 the 10th status element provides additional information. If the 10th status word (S(10)) is >= 100, you are affected by problem that has been detected by the ISAM subsystem.

The following table lists the ISAM error codes and possible reasons for failure. These error messages are probably not really helpful but maybe provide a hint. None of these errors should happen and is either caused by an index corruption (quite likely, eg. due to a power failure) or caused by a bug in Eloquence (not very probably since the last bug in this area was discovered some years ago).

If you suspect that your database is corrupted you should re-create it by dbexport, dberase and dbimport.

Hack: If an ISAM failure is encountered during dbexport which indicates a defective INDEX, the DB could be generated in a temporary directory. Then substitute the defect INDEX file by the new one. This should be sufficient to unload the database.

See also: database status -800

Code Description
100 An attempt was made to add a duplicate value to an index via iswrite, isrewrite, isrewcurr, or isaddindex.
101 An attempt was made to perform some operation on an ISAM file that was not previously opened using the isopen call.
102 One of the arguments of the ISAM call is not within the range of acceptable values for that argument.
103 One or more of the elements that make up the key description is outside of the range of acceptable values for that element.
104 The maximum number of files that may be open at one time would be exceeded if this request were processed.
105 The format of the ISAM file has been corrupted.
106 In order to add or delete an index, the file must have been opened with exclusive access.
107 The record or file requested by this call cannot be accessed because it has been locked by another user.
108 An attempt was made to add an index that has been defined previously.
109 An attempt was made to delete the primary key value. The primary key may not be deleted by the isdelindex call.
110 The beginning or end of file was reached.
111 No record could be found that contained the requested value in the specified position.
112 This call must operate on the current record. The current record is not defined.
113 The file is exclusively locked by another user.
114 The filename is too long.
115 The lock file cannot be created.
116 Adequate memory cannot be allocated.
126 Bad record number
127 No primary key.
131 No free disk space.
132 Record too long.
201 Bad request.
202 Too far.
203 No info.
204 Not set.
205 Bad info.

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