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How to customize the terminfo file for Eloquence?


Title: How to customize the terminfo file for Eloquence?
Document: hpux_009
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Can I customize my terminfo file for Eloquence?

Yes. At start time eloqcore searches the /opt/eloquence6/share/terminfo directory to find an terminfo file with the name given by the TERM environment variable. If there is one this terminfo file is used otherwise a terminfo description provided by the operating system is used.

The terminfo source files are located in /opt/eloquence6/share/terminal having the ending *.ti. To create your private teriminfo file make a copy of an existing file. Edit this file to fit your needs and save it. To compile and activate this terminfo file type the following commands:

 export TERMINFO=/opt/eloquence6/share/terminfo
 tic new.ti
where 'new' is the name of the new terminfo file that is specified in the first line of the source file.

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