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Why does the eloqd refuses to start


Title: Why does the eloqd refuses to start
Document: hpux_007
Keywords: kill,refuse,eloqd,semaphore,problem,454c4f51,ipcs,ipcrm,A0500,HP-UX

Since eloqd was killed with kill -9 (SIGKILL) it does not start

This problem is probably releated to stuck IPC resources. the eloqd used shared memory and semaphores which are not removed when eloqd is killed by kill -9 (SIGKILL).

There are 2 ways to solve this problem

  • If the command 'ipcs | fgrep 454c4f51' returns anything although the eloqd server is not started, you can remove these entries with the 'ipcrm' command.
    # ipcs |fgrep 454c4f51
      m      9 0x454c4f51 --rw-rw-rw-     root     root
      s      7 0x454c4f51 --ra-ra-ra-     root     root
    # ipcrm -m 9
    # ipcrm -s 7
    Eloquence A.05.xx uses the key 0x454c4f51 ("eloq") to locate IPC resources. This makes it easy to locate them with the ipcs (ipc status) command. You can to obtain the IPC identifier from the ipcs output (the second column) and remove the IPC resources with the ipcrm command. Now you should be able to start eloqd again.

  • If the above procedure is too complex for you, you can also reboot the system.

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