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Locale no longer recognized on HP-UX 11


Title: Locale no longer recognized on HP-UX 11
Document: hpux11_locale
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@msede.com)
Keywords: platform,locale,HP-UX

Locale no longer recognized on HP-UX 11

I just installed Eloquence A.05.20 on our HP-UX 11 server and now get the following message when starting eloqcore:

B1368B Eloquence (C) COPYRIGHT HEWLETT-PACKARD GmbH 1998 (A.05.20)

eloqcore: Warning!  The following language(s) are not available:
Continuing processing using the language "C".
Does this affect the sorting in Eloquence or which side effects des the misssing language have. How to use the 'german' locale with Eloquence ?

If a locale could not be activated, this will have side effects to the following statements and functions:

  • LEX
  • UPC$/LWC$
AFAIR the locale "german" is no longer supported on HP-UX 11. You should use de_DE.roman8 instead (please refer to /usr/lib/nls/README.nls.10.01). With HP-UX 10.x you might have been able to use "german" because it was an alias for de_DE.roman8 (i can't remember the name of the alias file right now).

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