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How to replace strings in several Eloquence files?


Title: How to replace strings in several Eloquence files?
Document: gen_039
Keywords: shell script,replace strings,VOLUME,list,substitute

I need to replace some strings in all of my Eloquence programs. How do I proceed

To achive this, you might use a shellscript and the command sed. Before you run the script you have to make a backup of all your files! Assuming your *PROG files are at the current location. Please create a file that contains all strings you want to substitute. If you intend to substitute all Db$=" sampledb" with Db$=" server:eloqdb5/path/to/sampledb" the file has the following content:
s~Db\$\=\" sampledb\"~Db\$\=\" server:eloqdb5/path/to/sampledb\"~g
The '\' before '$' and '=' is necessary to prevent sed of interpreting this characters as special characters. It is valid to have up to 100 commands in the file to use with sed (please refer to the sed man pages for details). Save this fils as e.g. sub. Now create a shellscript with the following content:
 cd test/
 for prog in ../*.PROG
    name=`basename $prog .PROG`
    echo $name
    list $prog | sed -f ../sub > $name
    store $name
    rm $name
Save this file as e.g. replace.sh and make it executable (chmod +x replace.sh). Now you should create a directory called test:
mkdir ./test
and copy all program files into test
cp *PROG test/
If you run the script replace.sh, all substitution defined in the file sub will take place.

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