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Why do I get no temporary license key ?


Title: Why do I get no temporary license key ?
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Why do I get no temporary license key ?

During the installation of Eloquence you have the option to create a temporary license key which expires after four weeks. The temporary license key is only created once per system.

If you don't create a temporary license file during the installation and no previous license file exists, a default license file is installed which provides a license key for the Eloquence Personal Edition. The default license file is located at /opt/eloquence6/newconfig/config/license.

The Eloquence Personal Edition. is a fully functional version of Eloquence with a permanent license at no cost for non-commercial usage. It is restricted to a maximum of 2 users and a maximum database size of 50 MB.

The temporary license key gives you a 4 weeks trial period for each system. There is no restriction on the number of users nor on the size of a database. The temporary license key is generated only once for each system. If Eloquence was installed previously on that system , no temporary license key is generated. If you intend to remove your Eloquence installation for some reasons, please backup your current license file.

The option to install a temporary license key is currently not available for the Linux platform. If you need a temporary license key, you can either obtain it from the Eloquence web site or send an email notice to info@marxmeier.com.

Please note: The Eloquence installation script which is used by the Suse 5.2 distribution does not install the default license file. In order to use the Eloquence Personal Edition, please copy the Eloquence default license file to /etc/opt/eloquence/license.

cp /opt/eloquence6/newconfig/config/license /etc/opt/eloquence

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