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Eloqd not found in Eloquence release A.06.x?


Title: Eloqd not found in Eloquence release A.06.x?
Document: gen_017
Keywords: eloqd,eloqsd,taskid,server,eloqdb5,eloqdb6,eloqnd,A0600

What happened to eloqd ?

The eloqd process was used by Eloquence before A.06.00 to coordinate eloquence processes. This included obtaining a unique TASKID value, secondary task handling and the Eloquence database.

With the A.06.00 release eloqd has been replaced by the new eloqsd server:

  • eloqsd is the successor for eloqd.
  • eloqdb6 is the database server. You need to run this in order to access a database.
  • eloqdb5 is a database server which will access your A.05.xx databases (like the old eloqnd). By using eloqdb5 you can avoid to convert your database, however please notice that this is considered a temporary solution as eloqdb5 is slower than eloqdb6.

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