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Which information is neccesssary to solve a problem?


Title: Which information is neccesssary to solve a problem?
Document: gen_003
Keywords: bug report,problem description,log file,error

Which information is neccessary to solve a problem

It would be nice if we could recognize the problem :-) Beeing able to easily reproduce the problem will help a lot.
  1. Please provide a short description of the problem (in English if possible).
  2. Copy (cut and paste) the actual diagnostic display from the screen where the error occurred (please no graphic hardcopy of a trivial message box).
  3. Include the detailed log of the system leading up to the error or halt. Instructions for debug levels are include with eloqdb6, eloqsd, etc.
  4. Write a very short program which reproduces the error (unless the problem is trivially reproducable).

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