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No space left on device (errno 28)


Title: No space left on device (errno 28)
Document: enospc
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No space left on device (errno 28)

With Eloquence A.06.xx i get the following error message:
  eq__eloqd_shm_request: No space left on device
  eloqcore: Unable to setup daemon session
This indicates insufficient kernel configuration. On HP-UX, you should extend the semmnu kernel parameter. On Linux, this should never happen.

Quoting from the Eloquence Installation and Configuration manual:

The semmnu parameter defines the maximum number of processes that can have undo operations pending on semaphores. The HP-UX 10.x default is 30.

If using IPC transport for the eloqdb5 and eloqdb6 servers, it may be necessary to adapt this value according to the anticipated max. number of concurrent local eloqcore processes which access the eloqdb5 or eloqdb6 server. A semaphore undo entry is required for each process accessing the eloqdb5 or eloqdb6 servers with using the IPC transport.

Eloquence needs one undo entry per active eloqcore process.

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