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Eloquence Error Codes


Title: Eloquence Error Codes
Document: eloq_error
Keywords: Error Codes,ERRMSG

This is a list of Eloquence error codes (as of Eloquence A.06.10).

To obtain a descriptive text for a Eloquence error code you can use the ERRMSG$ function. ERRMSG$(ERRN) returns a description for the most recent runtime error.

1 Unsupported statement
2 Memory or program segment overflow
3 Line not found in current program segment
4 Improper RETURN
5 Abnormal program termination
6 Improperly matched FOR/NEXT
7 Undefined function or subprogram
8 Improper parameter matching
9 Improper number of parameters
10 String value required
11 Numeric value required
12 Attempt to re-declare a variable or label
13 Array dimensions not specified
14 Incorrect OPTION BASE statement
15 Invalid bounds on array dimensions or bad string length
16 Dimensions are improper or inconsistent
17 Subscript out of range
18 Subscript out of range or substring too long
19 Improper value
20 Integer-precision overflow
21 Short-precision overflow
22 Real-precision overflow
23 Intermediate-precision overflow
24 TAN(N*PI/2), when N is odd
25 Argument of ASN or ACS is >1 in absolute value
26 0 to a negative power
27 Negative number to non-integral power
28 Argument of LOG or LGT is negative
29 Argument of LOG or LGT is 0
30 Argument of SQR is negative
31 Division by 0, or modulo 0
32 String does not represent a valid number, or bad input
33 Argument of NUM, CHR$ or RPT$ is improper
34 Referenced line not an IMAGE statement
35 Improper image
36 Out of data
37 Edit string too long
38 Syntax error in ENTER or attempt to input from protected line
39 Function program not allowed
40 Improper replace or delete of line
41 First line number > second line number
42 Attempt to replace or delete a busy line
45 Nested keyboard-entry statements
46 Nothing to (RE-)STORE or (RE-)SAVE
47 Subprogram COM declaration inconsistent with main program
48 Recursion in single line function
49 Line specified in ON statement not found
50 File number out of range from 1 to 10
51 File not currently assigned
52 Improper volume label or mass storage specifier
53 Improper file name
54 Duplicate file name
56 File name or directory undefined or inaccessible
57 Attempt to use unknown device specifier
58 Improper file type
59 End of file found
60 Physical or logical end of record found in direct access mode
61 Defined record size too small for data item
62 File is protected or wrong protect code specified
63 Number of records or bytes per record exceeds 999999 or program too big
64 Medium overflow
65 Incorrect data type
66 You are not authorized to store this program
67 Parameter <= 0
68 Invalid line number encountered during MERGE, GET or LINK
69 Not allowed on HP-UX files
77 Specified volume label not found
79 Requested subprogram segment not present in LOAD SUB
83 No access
90 Mass storage system error
91 Attempt to access a busy file
92 Cannot get exclusive access to specified file
93 File opened in conflicting mode
94 Specified file cannot currently be locked
95 String not intact on file
100 Image specification expects a numeric item
101 Image specification expects a string item
102 Numeric field specification is larger than internal buffer
103 Item in PRINT USING list has no corresponding image specification
120 Output field overflow
121 Improper value in CURSOR statement
130 Parameter for REQUEST or RELEASE out of range
131 Specified device not available
132 Referenced device missing or wrong type
133 Printer process terminated (broken pipe)
134 Unable to open printer (pipe or file open failed)
140 Improper spool file type
143 Expansion of spool file would cause medium overflow
150 Type of expression in CASE statement does not match type of SELECT
151 Parameter out of range in INDENT
152 Improper matching of structured construct
153 No structured construct active
155 Invalid statement specified in COMMAND
156 More than one level of recursion not allowed in COMMAND
170 HP-UX command failed
200 Referenced line not a PACKFMT
202 Insufficient dim length in PACK or insufficient current length in UNPACK
204 Conversion error
205 UNPACK requires a source string of greater current length
210 Bad status array
211 No DBASE IS statement active
212 Specified data set not found
213 Too many variables in list
214 IN DATA SET already active for data set
215 Number of elements does not match
216 Variable type does not match with associated field in set
217 String length in list insufficient
218 Variable in common
219 Line referenced is not an IN DATA SET LIST statement
220 Improper or illegal use of maintenance word
221 Data set not created
225 Incompatible data base
226 Corrupt data base - must recreate it
227 Corrupt data base - must erase in its entirety
230 Improper nesting of SORT statements, including DBASE IS and IN DATA SET
231 Cannot reactive workfile or file is not a workfile
234 Missing or improper set linkage
235 No WORKFILE IS # statement active
236 Improper data item or data/index item not found
238 Improper synthetic linkage
239 Insufficient space in workfile
241 Improper operation attempted on workfile
242 Improper READ# or PRINT# on workfile
243 Workfile contains invalid information
247 Unexpected error accessing data base
248 Improper QFIND relation (QFIND)
249 Improper value type or improper number of value parameter (QFIND)
250 BEGIN REPORT does not reference a REPORT HEADER statement
251 Report Writer is already active
252 An END REPORT DESCRIPTION statement is missing
253 Duplicate Report Writer section
254 Invalid blank lines in PAGE LENGTH statement
255 Expression in a Report Writer statement evaluates to an unacceptable value
256 A (GRAND) TOTALS ON is improperly positioned
257 A Report Writer operation was requested while outside the program scope
258 Effective page length is less than three lines
259 Illegal execution of a Report Description section statement
260 Insufficient space for printed output within the current page
261 Left margin specified is less than 1 or greater than current printer width
262 Control variable in BREAK WHEN statement has greater length
263 A DETAIL LINE statement may not occur in the Report Description section
264 Level parameter is out of range from 0 thru 9
266 Sequence Parameter is out of range for (GRAND) TOTALS ON statement
267 Illegal WITH number LINES parameter in header, trailer or detail line
268 OLDCV($) function references a level which does not have a break defined
269 OLDCV($) function does not match the data type for the control variable
270 PRINTER IS statement may not be executed while Report Writer is active
271 A Report Writer statement may not be used recursively
290 Not allowed when form is active
291 Not allowed within form image
292 Attempt to input after last field of form
293 Attempt to output after last field of form
294 Not allowed unless form is active
302 Date or time cannot be changed here
303 ON DELAY value is incorrect
310 Port ordinal out of range from 11 thru 20
311 Priority value out of range from 1 thru 15
312 Invalid address in ON ... interrupt statement
313 Can't access port or maximum number of ports already REQUESTed
314 Must do REQUEST before ON INPUT
320 Set or item specifier is out of range or is an invalied set or item name
321 Relational operator is invalid
322 The predicate specifier is not in a valid form
400 TASK functionality not available or unable to start task
401 Specified TASKID not a task
402 Specified TASKID not a secondary task or not available
403 Executing task is not a primary task or currently in background
413 Protection violation in SEND SIGNAL # statement
600 Unable to load DLL
601 Improper DLL memory size
602 DLL not loaded
603 DLL memory overflow
604 DLL process not found
605 DLL return area destroyed
606 Number of arguments exceeds maximum
650 General dialog failure
651 Unable to open file or access failed
652 Syntax error in dialog description
653 No space left in dialog table or MAX_DEPTH exceeded
654 Memory allocation failed in dialog or maxwidth exceeded
655 Duplicate dialog or object name
656 Illegal or bad object path
657 Bad or improper attribute
658 Parent object does not agree to child object
659 Bad or improper value type
660 Invalid value
661 Can't set focus
662 No helpfile defined
663 No such help tag (informational only)
680 Unable to load DLG driver or driver startup failed
681 Improper DLG driver memory size or allocation failed
682 DLG driver not loaded
683 DLG driver protocol memory overflow
684 DLG driver process not found or connection is broken
685 Internal error detected by DLG driver
860 Old password does not match
861 Improper number of array elements
870 Improper POPUP BOX format
871 Improper number of text lines in POPUP BOX
872 Improper number of buttons in POPUP BOX
873 Improper button preset value in POPUP BOX
874 POPUP BOX does not fit on screen
875 POPUP BOX positioned outside screen
880 Improper terminal type
881 Improper screen dimension
900 Undefined type or base type
901 Nested types are not supported
902 Statement not allowed in type definition
903 Illegal or incomplete type definition
904 Duplicate member variable
905 No such member variable
999 Program or forms file not compatible
1000 System files table full or maximum number of files already assigned
1002 Request would result in a deadlock
1004 Keyword not recognized
1005 System resource table overflow

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