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Arrow keys in Dtterm


Title: Arrow keys in Dtterm
Document: dtterm
Author: HPUX admin mailing list
Keywords: platform,dtterm,HP-UX

Using arrow keys in Dtterm

When using ksh or posix/sh (which is the default with HP-UX 10.x) you can use the (up/down/left/right) arrow keys in a dtterm window.

The solution is to put the followings in a .kshrc file:

  set -o emacs     # Set command line editing mode to emacs
  alias __A=<dle>  # <dle> is ascii code 16 char, ie Ctrl P
  alias __B=<so>   # <so> is ascii code 14 char, ie Ctrl N
  alias __C=<ack>  # <ack> is ascii code 6 char, ie Ctrl F
  alias __D=<stx>  # <stx> is ascii code 2 char, ie Ctrl B

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