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Single eloqdb6 volume is limited to 2GB


Title: Single eloqdb6 volume is limited to 2GB
Document: db_001
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@msede.com)
Keywords: eloqdb6,Error,volume,dbvolextend,dbvolcreate

Single eloqdb6 volume is limited to 2GB

The size of a single volume file for the Eloquence eloqdb6 database server is currently limited to 2GB (as of A.06.10).

When a volume file reaches the 2GB limit, a database status -803 is returned to the program. The server log includes error messages about failed vol_Write() and vol_AllocPage() operations.


While HP-UX 10.20 and VxFS support larger file sizes, an additional flag must be passed to the HP-UX when opening the volume file and lseek64 must be used instead of lseek which is limited to 32 bit.

We currently use a single binary for all HP-UX revisions. Until a separate binary for each OS revision is shipped for HP-UX 10.20 and above file sizes above 2GB cannot be supported.


Since Eloquence supports up to 255 volumes a workaround for this limitation is easy. Just add another volume file to the database environment (using dbvolextend).
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