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What is database status -700?


Title: What is database status -700?
Document: db700
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Why do I get database status -700?

ERROR -700 indicates that communication with the database server failed. It either was not possible to connect to the server or the connection was terminated unexpectedly.

This might have different reasons:

  • eloqdb6 is not started
  • the service is not installed
  • no log and/or root volume created
  • the database server has been terminated
The tenth status element provides additional information on the failed operation:
Code Symbol Description
-1   Memory allocation failed (server side, during DBOPEN). Newer server versions will return status -806 in this case.
-2 S_CONNECT Unable to connect server. Server process is either not active or listening on a different port number.
-3 S_INIT Init failed. Unable to establish protocol. This status usually indicates the server rejected a connection (please review the server message log) or insufficient OS resources were available (eg. running out of shared memory segments)
-4 S_ARGOVFL Client argument buffer overflow.
-5 S_SEND Problem during send. Server connection was terminated unexpectedly.
-6 S_RECEIVE Problem during receive. Server connection was terminated unexpectedly.
-7 S_ROOT Inconsistent ROOT structures detected.
-8 S_BUFFER Inconsistent buffer size detected.
-9 S_SERVERID Unknown server identifier.
-10 S_INCAPABLE Server does not have required capabilities.

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