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Function F1-F4 keys don't work with konsole (KDE)


Title: Function F1-F4 keys don't work with konsole (KDE)
Document: 996745861
Author: Michael Marxmeier
Keywords: linux,kde,konsole,xterm

Q: When launching eloqcore in konsole functions keys F1 to F4 return characters 'P' to 'S'. Function keys F5 .. F8 work fine.

A: konsole is the terminal application in KDE (similar to xterm). Newer version of konsole (KDE2) by default return different ESC sequences for the function keys F1 to F4 which are not understood by the xterm terminal description provided with Eloquence.

In the konsole menu select Settings->Keyboard->XTerm(XFree 3.x) and afterwards save the configuration.

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