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How to create a schema file from a database


Title: How to create a schema file from a database
Document: 988832228
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: A0600,database,eloqdb6,schema,prschema

Q: In eloquence A.05.xx versions I could get a current, working SCHEMA.txt file from a database via dbmods. Since dbmods no longer works in eloquence A.06.xx versions, how can I create a SCHEMA file from an existing database?

A: The prschema utility can be used instead. It is available with Eloquence A.06.20 and above.

/opt/eloquence6/bin/prschema -u public db > schema.txt

usage: /opt/eloquence6/bin/prschema [options] database
 -u user   - set user name
 -p pswd   - set user password
 -v        - verbose
 -d flags  - debug flags

The prschema utility is undocumented as of A.06.30.

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