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Linux backup


Title: Linux backup
Document: 982344453
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: linux,backup

Q: How to perform a bachup on a Linux system

A: We once used something like the simple script below:

# backup


echo "Backup start ... `date`"
#mt -f $DEV_NST datcompression 2
/opt/eloquence6/bin/dbctl -u dba backup start
tar -cf $DEV_ST --exclude="/proc" /
/opt/eloquence6/bin/dbctl -u dba backup stop
mt -f $DEV_NST offline
echo "Backup done ... `date`"
It performs a full backup (using on-line backup for eloqdb6) ejects the tape after backup and sends a protocol by email to root if executed as a cron job). If you ever need to kill this script make sure you execute a dbctl backup stop manually.

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