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Eloquence and RedHat Linux 6.2/7.0


Title: Eloquence and RedHat Linux 6.2/7.0
Document: 981464119
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@marxmeier.com)
Keywords: Redhat,RH,Linux

When installing Eloquence on RedHat Linux 6.2 or 7.0 two problems will be encountered:
  • eloqcore fails with a core dump. This is caused by a binary incompatible ncurses shared library. As a solution install patch PE63-0012220 which adds a compatible ncurses shared library to the directory /opt/eloquence6/lib.

  • On RedHat 7.0 the stock glibc shared library has a few issues and causes random failures with Eloquence (eg. core dump when using the store utility). As a solution please obtain and install the laterst glibc fix from RedHat.

    The following updates (or newer) are needed:

    • glibc-2.2-12.i386.rpm
    • glibc-common-2.2-12.i386.rpm

    They should be available at the URL:

    Download both rpm archives and apply like shown below:
    rpm -Uhv glibc-2.2-12.i386.rpm glibc-common-2.2-12.i386.rpm

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