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Error -900/-30


Title: Error -900/-30
Document: 939652325
Author: KS
Keywords: HP-UX 10.20,file system,VxFS,update,ERROR,-900,-30,journaled file system


Any attempt to access a Eloquence A.05.x Data Base returns ERROR -900/-30 (Can't access database on remote fs) This error may have 2 reasons:

  • You intend to access the Eloquence data base on remote file system, this is not possible.
  • Eloquence versions before A.05.12, may have problems with the ´Journaled File System´ (VxFS). An attempt to access a data base may return ERROR -900 with a secondary status of -30, although the data base files are on the local file system
  • Solution: This problem was been fixed with Eloquence version A.05.12.

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