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aic7xxx module fails to detect devices (Adaptec 2940(u)w)


Title: aic7xxx module fails to detect devices (Adaptec 2940(u)w)
Document: 932652481
Author: ks
Keywords: Linux,aci7xxx,suse,installation,hardware,adaptec,2940,module,scsi,aic7895

Module aci7xxx fails detecting some devices (Adaptec 2940 controller)


Some device (e.g. HP-Dat streamer) that are connected to a ultra/-wide Adaptec controller are not detected. During the initializing phase of the aci7xxx you may face a message like this

        SCSI: aborting command due to timeout: pid X scsi0, channel 0, 
              id X, lun 0, 0x00 00 00 00 00
        aic7xxx: (abort_reset) scb state 0x01, Data-Out phase, SCSISIGI = 0x0


The Adaptec bios is not proper configured to handle SCSI-I/II devices.


Run the adaptec bios and switch the option Žinitiate wide negotiationŽ for the affected device to ŽnoŽ (SCSISelect/Additional Options)

You may visit the SuSe support data base to solve Linux related problems.
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