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A.06.20: multiple eloqdb6 processes


Title: A.06.20: multiple eloqdb6 processes
Document: 918694473
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@msede.com)
Keywords: A0620,eloqdb6,ps,multiple,process,HPUX,Linux

Q: Since installing A.06.20 there are now several eloqdb6 processes.

A: This is caused by the new eloqdb6 I/O handling which uses kernel threads on Linux and dedicated I/O processes on HP-UX. Both are visible by ps.

On HP-UX, each of the I/O processes has a distinct command line indicating their function. On Linux the eloqdb6 I/O threads share the same command line as the main elopdb6 process since the same VM is used.

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