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Are Eloquence A.05.20 manuals available?


Title: Are Eloquence A.05.20 manuals available?
Document: 912537197
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@msede.com)
Keywords: A0500,manuals

Q: Is there any form of getting the manual for Eloquence A.05.20?
On the CD-ROM media and the Internet are only the manuals for Eloquence A.06.xx.

A: No. Printed manuals were previously released for Eloquence A.04.00 with printed additions for A.05.00 and A.05.10. These manuals are no longer available from HP.
The old manuals are not available on-line either. A lot of work has been put in the Eloquence manuals for A.06.00 to make them available on-line.
The release notes for Eloquence A.04.01 to A.05.20 are available here.

However most of the manual (besides installation) still applies to previous Eloquence versions.

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