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Database complains about unknown user


Title: Database complains about unknown user
Document: 907257687
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@msede.com)
Keywords: FAQ,A0600,eloqdb6,user

Q: You can see where the schema is job is blowing up. Also the log file where it tells me it can not find user randyr. But I have the user setup in eloqdb.user.
*** (FATAL) Unable to connect to database server
*** (FATAL) User name not recognized [-3]
A: Short answer:

Specify the -u dba option on the schema command line. For example

schema -u dba SAD.txt
Background information:

The new eloqdb6 database server maintains it own users, passwords and access privileges. This is not related in to the OS users or entries in eloqsd.user (which are used by eloqsd only).

So either create a new user randy (using the dbutil utility) or specify a predefined user at the command line. The Eloquence database tools such as schema use your login is as database user by default.

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