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Starting and stopping NT services


Title: Starting and stopping NT services
Document: 905440880
Author: Michael Marxmeier, Sam Plumer
Keywords: Windows,A0600,NT,backup,service

Q: When using scheduled backup whith Bachup Exe on Windows NT-server I dont get the database.vol and log files backuped. They are in use and skipped.

A:: You need to shut down the eloqdb6 service. Eloquence uses the standard Windows NT service API and this can be used to shut down eloqdb6 cleanly.

Sam Plumer added:
The Windows NT Server Resource Kit includes a full set of service control tools for the command line which you may find useful in this case. It is also possible to use the "net stop" and "net start" commands to stop/start any service running under NT. These commands must be run in appropriate security context, and are part of the basic NT command set (not the Resource Kit.) For more details, see the NT help file.

For a list of running services, type "net start" at the command prompt.

Example backup script:

net stop eloqdb6
insert backup command here
net start eloqdb6
Note: This works with any service which conforms to the MS NT Service API. Also, be cautious of dependencies, as some services interact with others, which will result in all dependent services stopping when one service is stopped. If you see other services shutting down when one service is stopped, you will recognize that dependencies exist. This also implies that order is significant when starting/stopping services.
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