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Linedraw problems (HP-UX 10.20, A.05.20, A.06x)


Title: Linedraw problems (HP-UX 10.20, A.05.20, A.06x)
Document: 905409448
Author: Karsten Schaefer
Keywords: HP-UX 10.20,PATCH,LINEDRAW,TERMINAL,70092,libcurses

Affected Systems:

Eloquence Releases A.05.20 or above on HP-UX 10.20


Linedraw characters are not displayed correctly

Starting with Eloquence Release A.05.20 the curses library is linked dynamically. Depending on the installed HP-UX 10.20 patches, this may cause problems in rare cases. If a system shows the symptoms mentioned above, we suggest to install patch PHCO_10947. You may find further information for this patch in the PHCO_10947.text

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