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swinstall/swlist hangs


Title: swinstall/swlist hangs
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Keywords: swinstall,swlist,HP-UX

swinstall/swlist hangs

The following was posted on the HP-UX admin list by Conrad P. Quiogue (cpquiogue@pldt.com.ph):
> No list is displayed and the command just hangs.  I 
> then would have to kill it from another telnet session 
> to get back the prompt.  The hostname displayed is 
> correct so I'm not sure what is wrong.  The same is 
> true if I fire up swinstall.
The previous summary consists mostly of suggestions to stop and restart swagentd, but it did not solve our problem. I came to the conclusion to reboot the server to make the problem go away, temporarily that is, until a permanent fix is found. I haven't restarted the server yet but fortunately Mark replied to me again to share their solution to a similar problem. Below is what Mark sent me:
> I have an answer/solution for the swinstall hang.  In 
> our situation it is partially caused (we believe) by 
> having an old installation of the Measureware software, 
> installed as part of the Trial Glance Pak.
> Although the software has expired it seems to be 
> interfering somehow.
> For us, the solution is:
>  1. disable Measureware fromm startging (in 
>     rc.config.d/mwa).  I guess installing the real 
>     software would help
>  2. shut running MWA software /sbin/init.d/mwa stop
>  3. kill the running rpcd (assuming you do not use 
>     DCE which may cause complications).
>  4. export DMS_FORCEOFF=1
>  5.  run /opt/dce/bin/rpcd
>  6.  restart swagentd
Works just great and means at least we do not have to reboot any more!

Initially, I though this will not work for me as the server was never installed Glance so I just did steps 3 to 6 and it worked. I can now run swlist and swinstall and no reboot was needed. My thanks again to Mark Bridgett for his assistance.

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