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Database environment limited to 50 MB


Title: Database environment limited to 50 MB
Document: 901288959
Author: Michael Marxmeier (mike@msede.com)
Keywords: dbvolchange,personal edition,database,eloqdb6

After opening a database with the Personal Edition License the database environment is limited to 50 MB

When the database server is run with the Personal Editition License it places a 50 MB limit on the data volume on startup (similar as using the command "dbvolchange -m 50").

This 50 MB limit is recorded in the database environment and applies even when you open the database with a commercial license. You can use the dbvolchange command to remove the 50 MB size limit from the data volume:

dbvolchange [-c eloqdb6.cfg] -m 0 /path/to/data/volume
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