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Update A.05.xx to A.06.xx


Title: Update A.05.xx to A.06.xx
Document: 900043847
Keywords: Update,A0600,A0500,compatible

If Eloquence A.06.00 and Eloquence A.05.12 are loaded on HPUX 10.20 system, can I shut down one version of the Eloquence software and Startup the other?

Yes, if you use the eloqdb5 method to access your database. You can even use both versions at the same time. (Please be aware that Eloquence A.05.xx and A.06.xx use separate configuration files.)

Eloquence A.06.xx comes with a new database which is not binary compatible to previous versions. To make full use of Eloquence A.06.xx, you need to reload your database (dbexport, re-create the database and dbimport). For a transition time, you can use eloqdb5 which provides access to A.05.xx databases from Eloquence A.06.xx. (Please be aware, that using the eloqdb5 access method is slower.)

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