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Character set conversion for printing on Windows


Title: Character set conversion for printing on Windows
Document: 899906321
Author: Michael Marxmeier
Keywords: recode,windows,printer,charset

To convert your printer output on Windows, you can use the GNU recode tool: GNU `recode' can convert data between character sets and usages. We have compiled GNU recode tool for the Windows platform. You can download it from our from our ftp server at ftp://ftp.msede.com/eloq/misc/.

To recode Eloquence printer output, you can define a printer (in this example connected to LPT1) like shown below. The ... specifies the path where the recode.exe program is installed.

PRINTER 1 PIPE "C:\...\Recode.exe -w LPT1: roman8:latin1"
Gunnar Klevefors (gk@cyberstore.se) added: To get it to work on a WinNT Workstation [with networked printers using UNC notation] you can't use backslashes. Use a definition like below (this must be a single line):
PRINTER 17 PIPE "C:\...\Recode.exe -w //SERVER/Oki521 
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