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SWINSTALL does not install Eloquence software


Title: SWINSTALL does not install Eloquence software
Document: 896875350
Author: K. Schäfer
Keywords: swinstall,software depot,failed to initialize,installation,HP-UX 10.20,swagentd

Swinstall fails to install the Eloquence Software depot (B1368B.sd)

In case swinstall returns a message like,
  • there is currently no depot software on host....
  • failed to initialize
please ensure that you entered the swinstall options exactly like shown in the documentation. If so, and there are no further information in the swinstall log file (/var/adm/sw/swinstall.log), it might slove your problem if you kill and restart the swagentd ('/usr/sbin/swagentd'.)

If you intend to install Eloquence form CD-ROM please mount the CD-ROM to e.g. /CDROM and type

  • /usr/sbin/swinstall -s /CDROM/A0610/HPUX/B1368B.SD\;1
Please note that the slash '\' before the ';' is necessary to avoid the shell of interpreting the ';' as a special character.
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