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systemd may remove eloqdb SYSV IPC resources


Title: systemd may remove eloqdb SYSV IPC resources
Document: 1694014459
Keywords: linux,eloqdb,systemd,logind

On Linux systems using systemd it is recommended to use a system user with eloqdb if the user may be used to logon to the system.

If the eloqdb user does not use a system user (a user id of typically less then 1000) the systemd logind daemon may remove IPC resources (such as semaphores or shared memory) when the elqodb user logs off.

This causes the database server process to become inoperative and result in a database status -700 and a message as below in the eloqdb message log.

  Unable to delete semaphore
  semctl(IPC_RMID): [22] Invalid argument
The preferred configuration in is to run eloqdb as a system" user (useradd --system, a user id less then 1000).

If the eloqdb user may be used for a login the logind config file /etc/systemd/logind.conf may be changed specifying the option RemoveIPC=no.

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